Robin Williams and Sonya Karp

So this might be taken the wrong way and I am promising you that it is no way making Robin William’s death seem less important. He influenced me to be a happier person when I hear him sing as a genie in Aladdin.

I know that everyone has been speculating that his death was a suicide and who are we to judge on the morality of someone taking their life? Most of us in this world only know him as the person who made us laugh and cry on the big screen. Few actually knew him and even less got to know him on such a deep level of emotional connection that we would all only guess what that could be like. We are the outsiders looking in on Robin Williams.

I just thought about it and if he did take his life it is like Sonya Karp in Vampire Academy taking the life of someone so that she could gain clarity in her life. Maybe Mr. Williams was trying to do the same by gaining his bearings but accidentally taking his life, maybe he was afraid of losing what he was most famous for, maybe there is a reason we will never know about. There are so many reasons that we do not fathom for why a person takes their life. This really hits me close to home since depression is something that I think everyone in their life for one time or another will go through. Maybe you go through it once a month, once a year, or every single day and I truly hope that you have an outlet because people will listen. You just have to let them know. This blog is one of the scariest things in my life that I have done because it opens the world to me and my struggles, the ups and downs. I have gotten nothing but support from you, my Fleeters.

As a reminder to me and you I hope that you know you can count on me being here.

-Fleeting Mermaid

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