Mall Observations #1: Mental Breakdowns and Amish

Now that I work at the mall and I have to wait for my dad to come and get me I realize that there is a lot that happens that you don’t normally see unless you just sit.

All I wanted to do was use the bathroom, and I did, but not without having to hear someone have a mental breakdown and her friend telling her she was so upset and distraught that she had to deal with her friend’s constant mental breakdowns. She left her friend and the bathroom. Well, all I wanted to do was use the bathroom, y’all. (Side note: please, “friend” who left the bathroom, could you not make a scene and be a little more considerate?)

Next, I was sitting at the food court and was reading but took a break to look at my surroundings and in turning behind me I saw Amish people. I have no problems win them but I was just severely surprised that I would see them because it made me wonder if they had walked to the mall. Dangerous territory since the mall is off the highway.

What do you think?

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