Doubt Trickles In

I recently decided that I would no longer be attending my university and when I got the approval from my father that I would leave, I was ecstatic. Now, I am not so sure…I know that I will be mentally sane if I get away and I think that the reason I am so nervous and anxious is that the university I want to get into may not accept me. Doubt trickles in as I really think about how much of a huge decision this is.

I am working now though so it isn’t like I am taking a year off to relax at home. I am working as a seamstress at my internship and job. I work two days at my job and three at my internship (soon to be job). I am I the field I want to be to some degree but I would really love to design.

I also think I am doubting my decision because school is starting up now.
-Fleeting Mermaid

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