Again, I appreciate my dad for all that he does but he just can’t leave a topic alone without putting his two cents or complaining. When I say complain, I mean COMPLAIN, he complains about every single meal and if he doesn’t it is almost a miracle.

My dad is eating fish and he says “It is so salty!” Well, I am sorry but just suck it up because there are hungry people all around the world. We can’t all have your bland sense of taste. Not to mention that my mom cooks for him three times a day without a thank you most of the time and just more complaints or “I want this in it”. You do realize that you have two feet dad, right? You can easily get up and put whatever in yourself.

What makes this worse is that he goes on a health rant about how salt is not good for you. Well, in excess, of course not but you don’t have to shove health down our throats. Personally I am not the type of person to eat immense amounts of meat. I love salad and pasta and rice and I eat those but I don’t feel the need to bring some kind of health track of mind. How fun would life be if we all tracked everything single thing we put in our body? We would be more likely to concentrate on that than enjoying food and life. Plus, you love Bojangles. I hate Bojangles, it isn’t healthy and I just order a salad or a chicken bowl (no fried chicken, more like grilled) instead if I HAVE to eat there. When my grandfather was alive I honestly wouldn’t eat dinner because I hated it so much because it felt so unhealthy. I realize that might sound hypocritical but I don’t like fried chicken because it is not good for you in general.

I would like to say that I live a healthy lifestyle in the way that I don’t eat red meat or fried foods but salad with chicken or pasta every now and then.

Also, just because my mom is your wife does not mean that you can complain about every little thing that she does because she deserves more respect than that.

Does anyone else have a parent who complains about everything? Please tell me I am not the only one.

-Fleeting Mermaid

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