College Advice from an Introverted Mermaid #4 – Senior Year of HS

There are usually two kinds of seniors:

1. Senior year! Time to make it count! Let’s do this!

2. Crap, crap, crap, college is coming up.

So, as a senior I remember that everyone was hyped up that their last year would be the best year amongst their four years. During your senior year you will reflect what has happened to you in the past four years and if you have made the best decisions. In senior year you will find that the teachers you have will either be more helpful or not at all. The reason for that is one I don’t know but I do know that this is the time that you need to recall back to those good times with teachers, friends (with parents or relatives who work in a field you are interested in), anyone who can influence your path. You need them to write recommendations to colleges because we all know that you usually need them and if you don’t, you should get some anyway. I would refrain from family members recommending you.

SATs are brought down from their standard from years ago so I wouldn’t stress too much but at least try your best. I suggest taking it at least twice, unless you absolutely can’t afford it.

Focus on school. I know that might sound redundant but if you have had a really mediocre GPA that you want to change at least a little bit.

Pick at least three colleges. Some might find it hard to do so since they feel like it is that one college or you are done. If you are that person, please don’t do that. There are other colleges that are out there for you and you might find one that you end up liking more.


Nope. Not kidding. Breathe. You will think that this is the most stressful time of your life but as long as you do well and don’t lose control of you personal life or academic life, you will be fine. However, life isn’t that easy so just do the best you can and apply as early as possible to apply to college.

Any questions about your senior year, leave them down below and I will respond!

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