Tips and Tricks for Shopping!

Hello ShopaHAULics, Tiffany here and I wanted to take a break from my reviews this week to shrae with you the tips and tricks that I use while shopping.

Rewards Cards. I know that they are a hassle sometimes because you have to carry them everywhere. Here are a couple of options: Have a slim wallet that has slots for you to easily organize your cards | See if there is an app that can attach to your reward card number | If they have a keychain option you can always have a keychain and keep it in your bag by category on the key chain so you aren’t sifting through it for minutes on end.

Always Wait For the Deal. I will use the prime example of the fact that this is a break between my Organix reviews. I have always purchased my Organix items at Ulta and I wait for the deal of Buy 1 Get One 50% off.

Make a List. Super simple, right? However, I tend to forget the list that I write down all of the time so placing lists in your phone is a good habit to keep you on track and, hopefully, prevent you from purchasing something you really don’t need.

Always ask…Do I really need this? If you really want it, that is not usually a good enough reason if you really need it. Now, there is never anything wrong with wanting to try something new but, for example, you have a whole bottle of shampoo and you want to try another you should probably just wait until you are close to running out.

Take a friend who is not an enabler. There are times that you know you take a friend who enables you so you can justify the purchase. There are also times when you enter a store you always cave under that you need a person there to tell you “no”.

I hope that you enjoyed this post!



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