College Advice from an Introverted Mermaid #3 – Junior Year of HS

Disclaimer: Everything I write in this series is coming from personal experience so please don’t think that college will be like this for everyone or that anything bad that happened so far for me is going to happen to you, I am hoping to help you avoid that! Maybe I was a little too naive when I entered college…


I will be honest and tell you that I never worried about college, even when I was a junior in high school. I can remember that the biggest problem for me when I was still a junior was actually getting out of bed. I don’t think that a person at that age (16-18) can really think about college with absolute assurance because any college may pick or not pick you because of a reason you didn’t forsee. What reason is that? I do not know.

However, if you are a junior in high school now I would recommend looking at colleges. I am not saying do in depth research yet but see what you would like to do, an area you are interested in and see what colleges have what you are interested in. I also recommend looking at a college that has more than one of your interests because you might end up changing your choice of major down the road.

The SAT is becoming significantly easier and, personally, I think that is absolutely unfair for those of us who had the “harder” version since society is saying that our generation and any after us will be the dumbest ones yet. Please do fight against that stigma.

If you don’t have a teacher at your high school whom you are close to. I don’t mean in a personal relationship, I mean one that you connect to. I connected with my art teachers who understood when I wanted to stop by their rooms and sit in early or whatever. I did ask for advice too at times. I would recommend finding those one or two teachers who have helped you and you connect with and make sure to keep them in mind of recommendation letters.

What do you think?

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