“Brave” Decision?

Some might say this decision is wrong and others will support me. I hope that you will support me during this time of change.

I am leaving my university and I am not going back. The place that I have gone to is too volatile for me. Teachers have been fighting and the department is falling apart. I am not longer happy there at all. I would have once done anything to stay in the costume shop and this past year has made me want to disappear and distance myself as far as possible. I felt belittled at the university this past year.

F-Prof is one of those people that are volatile and can be nice to you one second and then absolutely cruel the next. I never felt that this past year I could do any good without any wrong. I have always done my best but it seems that after the summer of 2013, she just won’t treat me the same. I have never been more used in the costume shop ever.

I have decided to “cleanse” myself of this university in order to work on my portfolio and then transfer to another school in a year. I know taking a year off can be scary because I have heard of people losing the motivation and want to go back. I know that I cannot say a definite “no” because things can and always will change. I just have to find a path for myself.

Too philosophical?

I just wanted to give some advice for anyone who is unhappy at their university right now. Leave, but not without having a plan of action. If you want to work, then work. If you want to transfer, look into when and where you can get to.  Those who are questioning whether they want to continue in the major they are in. Change it.

I am not going to lie that this is a scary decision for anyone but I can honestly say that I cannot be more happy and anxious in my life. Anxious as in I don’t know what is coming but I am more willing to accept the change.

-Fleeting Mermaid

What do you think?

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