Internship Diary #3

July 14- Panties. Sewing a ton of panties.

July 15- A repeat of the day before.

July 16- Steaming, have you all every steamed something before? Steam hurts!!!! I was steaming a tutu and I got burned on my pinky so as I continued steaming it made it all the more difficult not to cringe in pain. Thankfully they had aloe in the first-aid cabinet.

July 17- Steamed a couple of tutus and…well, that was fun and I continued making more panties.

July 18- I gave gifts to my two friends who I have known for over two years. One is leaving indefinitely so it was an early birthday present and the other was a late birthday present since his birthday was in March. I finished up all of the panties that I needed to at the time…Over 18.

-Fleeting Mermaid

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