Internship Diary #2

July 7 – I did more ruffling, a ton, the whole day.

July 8 – I learned how to double hand pleat which is a whole art on its own because when you are first learning it is really confusing but now it is a pattern that I hope I am doing to the standard that the company likes. I got to organize rhinestones for the last two hours.

July 9 – My dad was out of town so I didn’t get to go in.

July 10 – Organizing. I don’t mind organizing but I had to organize rhinestones and I am not complaining about my internship but these rhinestones were so mispalced that it literally took three days for me to get them done. THREE DAYS. The other intern had to help me to get it done.

July 11 – I came in and most of the rhinestones were done. I just had another two hours or so to finish. I finished and began sewing panties for the tutus and a couple steps in, a woman had come in so my friend couldn’t help me get situated with the next step since she was teaching me. I went over to my other friend who had been the one to introduce me to everyone and I helped him with some customer service items. After my friend was done helping this woman I got to continue making panties that were fun but my first one was too loosely quilted while the other two were quilted too much. Hopefully I can find a happy medium…

-Fleeting Mermaid

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