Internship Diary #0 – The Interview

My search for a job is not as successful as my eBay but I think the break has finally broken! I have an internship at a place that is not like my last two summers. If you have been following me for a year now you will know that I had an unfortunate summer with the last place that I worked. This new place is so great though because I know that I will be learning new things that are going to benefit me in the future.

The process of getting my internship consisted of a meeting with the boss but the day we had planned she had to get ready to leave to go out of town. I actually wasn’t going to get an interview until the beginning of July but the second in command at the internship was able to meet with me. I went in with my portfolio and resume and we talked for a little about what I would be doing.  The internship is a trial run of three months with the hopes of the end being a part time job.

I had the interview on Tuesday and decided that it would be best that I started June 30. My dad will be driving me so it is a bit of a crunch since I feel bad but I will hopefully be getting a car soon.

-Fleeting Mermaid

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