Restaurant Thursday: Sweet Frog

I know that, technically, Sweet Frog is not a restaurant but it is a good substitute for a lunch, if you are a light eater, and if you really want to keep it light.

STAFF: Usually there is one who mans the cash register and the other comes in and out to clean or refill the condiments bar.

DECOR: Green and pink (usually) and it just looks so cute and the decor usually comes from Ikea, I have noticed like the lights and stuff. The decor is white for the most part to balance the colorful walls.

FOOD: There are multiple yogurt options that are often changed out. If you are wondering what the main flavors are, most have chocolate, vanilla, and cheesecake (I think). If you check in every now and then there are sorbets too. The best part? The fruit, nuts, fudge, etc. that you can add to your froyo cup!

MENU: First step: Grab a cup of your choice, they have a small, medium, and large and I think they started to carry waffle bowls. Second step: Pick your froyo! There are many choices that are available to you. Third step: the NOM NOM crunchy part where you can be healthy and put some fruit on or your can add some fiber with nuts. Need something sweeter? Frudge and caramel are close to the end and something sour? Those gummy worms ><!

BUDGET: It really depends but I will give this a $ because it is pretty good when it comes to a snack.

-The Mermaid Chef

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