College Advice from an Introverted Mermaid #2 – Sophmore Year of HS

Disclaimer: Everything I write in this series is coming from personal experience so please don’t think that college will be like this for everyone or that anything bad that happened so far for me is going to happen to you, I am hoping to help you avoid that! Maybe I was a little too naive when I entered college…


Sophmore year is that awkward time when I had a writing test and if you didn’t pass it you failed 10th grade. Anyone else? No? Okay…

Aside from that I think that looking into organizations/clubs would be really beneficial for you to get into contact with people of the same interest and make those contacts for the future. Who knows, you might need their expertise down the road.

My experiences with clubs –

1. Asian Interest Club – I am Asian and I absolutely hated being in the club because it was almost like hanging out with the same people I hang out with on a normal basis. Not to mention we did nothing and it was a waste of my time. Even in college I don’t want to join Asian organizations because it is really not my thing.

2. Art Club – It was nice to make art with my friends and there were a lot of us too. I liked that our fundraiser was Bojangles cards which was good for my family and bad for me since they loved Bojangles and I still hate Bojangles.

Clubs are also good for you to gain experience working with people and also adding to your college application since most of the applications will ask you for your extracurricular activities. Also, volunteering is a good way to show that you are willing to donate your time to good causes and if you are tutor you can possibly get a job on your campus as a tutor.

-Fleeting Mermaid


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