College Advice from an Introverted Mermaid #1 – Freshman Year of HS

Disclaimer: Everything I write in this series is coming from personal experience so please don’t think that college will be like this for everyone or that anything bad that happened so far for me is going to happen to you, I am hoping to help you avoid that! Maybe I was a little too naive when I entered college…


College? Who needs to think about college as a freshman? Well, technically you don’t but you should at least think about how you want to go through the next four years of your life. Too much to think about? Let me help you out…

As a freshman all I wanted to do was curl into a corner and hide because it is a lot to take in. High school is a new game. I use the word game because there is a lot of mind games when it comes to high school that is not healthy for anyone to get into. When you enter high school there are clicks, no matter how large or small it is. You will soon find out who the popular people are and who the “bad” kids are. You will also find out where you end up in that heiarchy and you can either accept it or go against it.

When you enter the lunch room, you find those friends from middle school that made your life hell or were your best friends and stick together, a safe plan. Having at least one person will make life easier. However, if you want to be a little more adventerous you can sit elsewhere in a corner or between clicks and see what happens because there will be others.


What do you think?

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