Stuck in a Car with a “Know-It-All” Dad

Disclaimer: I love my dad, I really do, but he can be extremely frustrating and as a young Asian woman I am always fighting against the double standard of Asian males over what an Asian girl can or cannot do. My father making sure I understand and (somewhat) live by that is not helping. Also, using his experiences to mandate and control the way I should do things.


I was in the car with my dad today and when I bring up that I would like to possibly move in with my friends because it is so much to live on campus, he shuts it down.

My dad had one opportunity with his friends who wanted to move in back in the day and one of his friends backed out or his plans fells through, something like that. I absolutely understand why he feels that way but to put a stigma on moving in with all people? I mean, come on, I understand but my dad put a stigma on everything and everyone once the relationship goes south. I don’t like that my dad thinks he knows it all because that causes me and my siblings to never fail and the whole point of living is to fail and get back up again and learn from that failure. How am I supposed to fail if you keep telling me I can’t do something? No, it may not work for you but it may work for me.

I could possibly save $2000 dollars and the apartment complex is RIGHT IN FRONT OF CAMPUS. I don’t see a horrible con as long as others are at fault if they break their contract. Yes, I would be living with people but it would be cheaper in the long run. However, this might be okay since I am a huge introvert.

What did I get from the conversation? “You are going to pay more for college because I don’t want you to live in an apartment because of an experience I was possibly going to have.”


This is the 21st century where people live together who are friends or partners or married. I don’t know why you are still stuck back in the 50s but I need you to speed up.


-Fleeting Mermaid

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