Top 3 – 2014 Daytime Emmy Awards

I haven’t yet seen the Daytime Emmy’s but it streamed online last night so I am extremely excited to watch it later. Now, let’s move on to Top 3!

I absolutely love this dress! I was watching E!News one night and Guiliana Rancic was talking about the dresses that were her option and to have the public decide what she would wear. This is the one I mentally voted on and it looks amazing on the red carpet. The gold looks rich and adds a high class vibe to the white dress. The back is also stunning as a racerback with the same gold front.

Haley Pullos plays Molly Lansing on one of my favorite soap operas and she looked absolutely stunning on the red carpet. Only 15 and has been recurring on General Hospital for so many years. I love that this dress is not only beautiful but it really shows that she is extremely conservative without being in a Victorian gown. The gems on her dress add a little bit of a girly/young feel along with the color pink in her dress. The curls are romantic while her jewelry and clutch add a bit of edge in their geometric shapes.

Hunter King, I first saw her on The Nine Lives of Chloe King and she made me want to continue watching her growth as an actress. She is now on The Young and the Restless. I have yet to actually watch that soap opera but I might as well start. This dress has the illusion of adding more curves on top of what Ms. King has. The nude bejeweled side that curves brings attention to the black in her dress and then the white/nude godet panels keep the whole look interesting. Also, who doesn’t love that top pony curled hair style?

Let me know which look was your favorite down below!

-Swanky Mermaid

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