Top 3 – 2014 Much Music Video Awards

[This image below is from The Huffington Post]

Kendall Jenner’s leg baring dress had me so excited for this conservative sexy look. I love that this dress shows the legs but in a classy way, to me. The gems and detail on this dress is great and amazing but the best part? The best part is the lining because you don’t expect it. The designer Fausto Puglisi did well in making sure that the lining was not dull. To me, that made this dress all the more of a statement.

[The images below are from Hollywood Life]

Just a side bar before we continue is that Kendall’s makeup was on point and I loved it.

Congratulations Colton Haynes for dressing classy and still pushing the male strict dress code boundaries. Not enough men wear tan, makes me think of trench coats and old noir movies. This look is laid back but at the same time dressy and I think that is because his shirt is unbuttoned. The watch adds some more class to this, it looks rose gold but correct me if I am wrong. The two toned leather shoes add a nice touch and keep the look earthy.

Chloe Wild dressed in a metallic rose gold nude dress that is both interesting and different. The dress has a panel that falls in the back and the front is conservatice. I like that the metallic fabrics chosen were different since one is sheerer than the other. The shoes go well to connect the outfit together and the hair is absolutely flawless!

What do you think?

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