Top 3 – 2014 Tony Awards

Since I am a theatre major, it only fit that I watch the Tony’s, right? In actuality I love it but I didn’t love theatre too much like I do now until my junior year in high school. However, unlike the musicals that the Tony’s are mainly known for, in my opinion, I like to focus more on the straight plays that do not have musical numbers in them. I love musicals but sometimes a straight play is just as good.

[Image from Hollywood Life]

Not sure who Thalia is, don’t hate me, but I am here to focus on clothing, right? This dress is architecturally interesting with the tiers of wide ruffles that fall gracefully down to the floor. What I find interesting, even though this is black, is the embellishments on the hem of the dress. I love that she kept the accessories and shoes in the same palette since the dress does all the work. She has such a small frame that I think having her hair full of volume and curl balances the dress out.

Leighton Meester with Adam Brody and Emmay Rossum from USA Today]

Leighton Meester and Adam Brody both even each other out. Ms. Meester’s dress definitely has a beautiful silhouette and the interesting part is in the skirt. One, at first glance, may think it is all one piece but it is actually two. The nuance of that makes you look twice which is great and the mirrored clutch is to die for. The only pop of color is her red nails and tangerine lips. Adam Brody keeps is sleek and classic with a gray tie that doesn’t clash with Ms. Meester and yet stands out along with her dress because the white and gray are so close.

At first, I was not a fan, but after seeing this dress I had to reconsider. I think that at certain angles this dress can be odd but on screen I was amazed. I love that the bodice is so intricate and structured in a way that is like silver bars while the rest of her dress is like liquid silver, an interesting combination. Emmy kept the look all silver for the most part and her hair is absolutely stunning and wavy, romantic.

Did you get a chance to watch the Tony’s? Who was your favorite?

What do you think?

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