My Sister is a Back Popping Master!

This is either going to be the weirdest post or most helpful post you will read from me…not sure. Anyway, I have a bad back and that may be due to the fact that I tend to slouch when I sit and also sleep on my stomach which I have heard is really bad for you back. I tend to pop my back to release the stress but sometimes it hurts so bad that I just have to push through the pain. My sister introduced me to back popping about a year ago and I have been addicted since.

How do I achieve such awesome back popping experience? [Please do be careful and don’t hurt yourself!!]


1. Lay down on the floor, stomach down.

2. Relax your limbs and muscles, make a cross-like shape with your body.

3. Have your friend or family member stand above you and then bend down to start to press down with their two palms on your spine at the top and move down.

You may have to practice because you need to apply a certain amount of pressure to each area. Be careful when you reach the dip of your body where the spine concaves as it can hurt if the person above you applies too much pressure.

-Fleeting Mermaid

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