I am happy to welcome you to my blog, Swanky Mermaid, and I hope that you will join me in this newest venture of mine! I don’t necessarily follow fashion trends but I admire beautiful works created by designers that celebrities wear on the red carpet. Here are a couple of tips to help you navigate through this blog!

– In the top right hand corner there is a “Home” option and “About”. “Home” is self explanatory but “About” is where you will find the inspirations that I have had and get to know me a little better.

-The logo on the left hand corner that says “Swanky Mermaid” is also like a “Home” button for you.

-Below, you will see a faint circle and when you hover over it you will be able to open it…

Let’s start with the left side, click on it and you will see on the left how you can follow my blog. Below that you will see recent posts and below that, categories.

The center is my social media where you can like my facebook page, follow my twitter, and instagram!

The right has a search bar for you to easily search for an outfit or common items that I own. Below you can also view my other blogs!

Thanks for stopping by! You can view my first post Speed Street.

Banner for Swanky Mermaid and image above made by Christine Chen Designs.

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