I Don’t Read “24”

Above: Basically all my interactions, awkwardness included, with the male species…

I have to say that I am stumped with interactions with guys as usual but, as I mentioned before, I over-analyze everything. I have really thought about this and so when I get a text from 24 saying that he wanted to know my schedule and that he wanted to do something for me I flew into panic mode.

In the gist of this all, I paid for a nice dinner for me and my three friends (24 included) and then paid for Starbucks after. I had DB (declining balance) on my card. I got the text that night after that dinner and Starbucks.

I didn’t know what that meant but I told him what I was up to until I left and that I would still be in the area but on the other side of town. He said something alon the lines of “great” and left it at that.

I get a text from him a couple days ago and he wanted to take me out to lunch. I still don’t have a car and I was also on my way out to run errands with my sister and mother. We texted back and forth and he is even willing to come and get me, from my house, across town…wait, what?

I mean, I figure he is just trying to pay me back for the dinner and Starbucks…

Is that normal guy behavior to pick up a girl from their house and hang out?

I must be reading too much into this, right?

Please leave all comments down below since you know I angst and wonder all the time.

-Fleeting Mermaid

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