This is What Happens When You Have a Summer Free

I have been on break from my college now for about three weeks or so? It will be a month soon and I have not done anything that I think would be considered “good” but I think that I have been more productive and function better as a human being this way. I have been able to…

Read books. I miss reading my books so much and I have so many to go through it isn’t even funny. No…not joking, seriously, I do. I have a stack that is literally my height (5’1″ sitting there) waiting for me. You can catch up to what I am reading on my GoodReads.

Actually get up of my own accord. These past couple of days I have been getting up at decent or indecent hours. For example, I woke up around 5-6 in the morning two days in a row and then 9 on another day. I think that the latest that I have slept so far is about noon and that is saying something since I didn’t get much sleep for the last week or so of classes.

Working on my blog(s). I love blogging. Blogging is something that I committed to back in 2010. My first blog that wasn’t a failure is my TiffanytheShopaHAULic blog. I have revamped it since I was pretty absent for about a year or two (sparse posts) from it due to college. I also love blogging on here about my life and I hope that my life doesn’t get too boring since I am not in college and that is where all the “exciting” things happen.

Cleaning. I have finally been able to move my bed which has been covering an air vent for the past eight to ten years. The vent being blocked has always made the summers in my room a little less bearable but now it is pretty good and we have a fan for extra help.

Maintaining the life of a fish. I bought a betta and named him Apollo. Spunky. Hungry. Sleepy. He always freaks me out when he just sits at the bottom sleeping because I think he is dead.

-Fleeting Mermaid


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