I Have to Do My Final Again?

Recently I had the worse dream where I had to do my final…after my final. The final in my dream was costume design. It has been at least two weeks since my finals. During my real final, my professor critiqued my work and told me that the work I do painting is great so I should quit photoshop for a while. So I dream that me and my friends who are in the class are sitting down and all of our renderings have been redone. REDONE. I had renderings in total and I didn’t redo them. I had an awful anxiety pain in my chest because this “final” had to have been redone since the last time.

Random things happen and I woke up feeling panicked and wondering where I was and that I had to get ready for the final in a couple of hours. I freak out and then realize that I am in my own bed, at home, and it was really early in the morning.


-Fleeting Mermaid

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