Portfolio Review

Every single semester, students in the theatre department must do a portfolio review if they want to design, stage manage, direct, or assist in any of those areas. I have stressed and will continue to stress because portfolio reviews are intense and will keep you up for ages. I finished mine about fifteen minutes before I had to present so I didn’t have a script.

I went third and it was stressful because only three people sat at the main table and I had a book portfolio so what else could I do? I presented and all was going well for the most part, I got a couple of laughs, especially when I referred to a teacher in heels and how that terrified me because it was like someone was coming down the hall and telling me that I was in trouble or looking for me. At one point I said “Hey, sexy lady” in relation to a character and already knew that someone would get on me about that (they did).

I finished and got pretty good feedback. I got complimented about how much of a change this presentation was to my last one which went south really fast. I also got complimented on my professor who is leaving saying that she saw such improvement from the last time she saw it. A couple of notes but nothing on how I spoke just clarification and explanation and mentioning people I worked with which would benefit me in a job interview since that person may know them.

Overall I hope that I get the good news but at the same time I am planning on transferring or graduating so it might change altogether…who knows what is ahead, right?

P.S. I regretted saying “Hey, sexy lady” after I said it.

-Fleeting Mermaid

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