I Have a Child?!

Financial Aid, all college students know the struggle and my financial aid office is thinking that I have a child. A. Child. I have never been in a relationship, for Pete’s sake I haven’t even had my first kiss. However, financial aid wants me to fill out a whole bunch of forms, including the child support form.

I hate financial aid.

Well…that isn’t true since it helps me pay for my college tuition but it is a really difficult struggle.

-Fleeting Mermaid

2 thoughts on “I Have a Child?!

  1. I am a financial aid director 🙂

    Its likely one of two things: 1. You checked off the wrong box on the FAFSA stating you are supporting dependents (very common) or 2. Its the standard Verification form that one out of every 3 lucky FAFSA’s filers get to fill out and financial aid departments get to hound students for.

    Dont get discouraged, call the office if you have questions. Believe me, we know its a pain for students, but its just as difficult for us to collect and process these from hundreds if not thousands of students who often wait until the week before class to turn everything in.


    1. Thank you for letting me know! I turned it in yesterday and they told me the same thing. But on a serious note, thank you for handling the students and probably parents who call you all countlessly five days a week. I have met a couple of friends who tell me their parents hound the financial aid office.


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