You Shouldn’t Have Had a Child

Okay, so if you have followed my blog about the awful uncle then you will have another dose, but if you are newer and haven’t had a chance to hear how ungrateful my uncle is…read THIS and come back.

My uncle is a person who really only looks out for himself. I can go into how my aunt is ungrateful but that is a whole other post that I might just write up. My uncle has a child and he has been handing him off to my grandmother to watch for the past year or so since he has been alive (I honestly don’t remember his birthday and couldn’t care less). My grandmother has been tired of taking care of my ungrateful uncle’s child. I mean tired as in she is exhausted and he still wants her to take care of his son after she has gone through this traumatic and unfortunate time. So now that my grandfather has passed away, my dad and his siblings, including my ungrateful uncle, had a meeting. My other uncle is going back to Singapore but it was a good thing he was present for the meeting because he is the mediator really. My other ungrateful aunt didn’t even show up for the meeting.

The siblings all took “shifts” for the night so that they could make sure nothing happened to my grandmother. My grandmother lives in a two story home so she might fall or something and it is just good to have someone there. My ungrateful uncle and aunt are given three days to split between them. My ungrateful uncle is concerned about this house that he is working on and my mediator uncle says something along the lines of, “You aren’t working on the house at night though.” The idea is for everyone to spend the night on whatever night they choose.

My mother has also offered to give up an afternoon to make lunch or have tea or something on a given day. So my ungrateful uncle took it as, “Oh, I wonder if she will want to take care of my kid every day.” I am sorry but my mother is not a day care service and neither is my grandmother and I think that it is inconsiderate and a middle finger to the time that my grandmother is going through. Not to mention that my mother is there for my grandmother and not your kid.

Oh, the kicker to all of this? When my grandfather was alive and had to go to dialysis, my uncle never once offered to pick him up or drop him off. My good aunt had to plan her work around my grandfather so that she could take him along with my father. My father and good aunt really are the best children because they chose my grandfather over whatever it is my ungrateful uncle is doing. Am I being too harsh? I don’t think so. Never once has my ungrateful uncle come to my grandmother’s place without wanting something. My ungrateful uncle would bring his son and, his wife, my aunt who is also ungrateful for lunch and then stay for dinner, my grandmother cooking both meals just because they wouldn’t leave. My ungrateful uncle just sucks things dry.

What is so funny is that my dad’s best friend who came to the viewing and funeral is a better brother than my ungrateful uncle because my dad’s best friend would help take my grandfather to dialysis when my father could not. Also, my good aunt’s commonwealth partner, even he would help out to take my grandfather or pick him up. Now tell me how friends of the family/family were happy to help pick up my grandfather and yet my grandfather’s own son couldn’t be bothered or thought it was too much work?

-Fleeting Mermaid


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