Let’s Review (Kind of)…Gravity

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For this review I want to focus on the experience rather than the plot since that had some things to be desired for me. I would like to say that Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) is an amazing actress but her character was absolutely hopeless when it came to high risk situtations. I think that she definitely didn’t have the mentality that an astronaut would have (no experience with this so correct me if I am wrong) but there didn’t seem to be much experience from what I saw, she had a lot of trouble working out the switches and anything that didn’t deal with the minute details as she was working on in the very beginning.

When the movie starts there is such a beautiful serenity and the most amazing sights are seen, not real, but the replication of what it is like in space is stunning. ***SPOILERS***The most heart wrenching part to me is that Lieutenant Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) and Ryan are holding onto each other and you can see the resolve in Matt’s expression as he tells her to “Let go” and within those few seconds I am balling and I think that it is because it is George Clooney but if you and one other person are in space or an isolated area, wouldn’t you feel that you need them? I will say that after the movie I was still crying because George Clooney’s character dies so sadly. As he descends into the background he is talking on the radio to Ryan and he mentions a sunrise. A sunrise to me is a beautiful thing in this world and as that is part of Matt’s last lines it made it even worse.

I wish they would have changed the ending though, I like that she finally makes it to Earth but I wish that they would have ended it a couple years (or months) later to show Ryan looking at the sunrise as Matt described, it would have given me some closure and I felt that she survived but she would be suffering for her life with the trauma.

My Rating: 3.5/5

-Fleeting Mermaid

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