Okay, Mr. Preacherman

Nothing on my campus makes me more disgusted other than when preachers come onto my campus (a public campus) and decide that they can force shove their ideas and sayings onto us. Now, you might not think that it is bad but how about when the preacher calls a girl a whore? Who is he to have the right to condemn a girl because she is wearing a t-shirt and shorts, a whore? I understand that the preacher has free reign because it is a public campus and they can come and go as they please. But, really?

Going back to “force shoving” their ideals…they never read from the bible, oh, they have the bible in their hands. I have never seen a preacher read from the book, they quote but only a sentence, they just decide that they can preach about how wearing shorts is being a whore and hugging someone you are not married to of the opposite sex as being a whore. I am sorry but what generation are you from? I can hug whomever I want.

Now what I don’t like about the students is that they will skip class just to listen to this crap. If students didn’t stop by and stand there listening to that man he would not come back. I passed by going to lunch, paused and kept walking because there were people reacting. Not to mention that the police were there to make sure the situation didn’t get out of hand.

Also, the preacher hates homosexuals. Again, what generation are you from? The man was clearly young but probably in his late twenties to early thirties and making people less likely to join Christianity (that is what he believed) and turn away. I am not religious but I think that if I was open to joining a religion that it wouldn’t be Christianity because of all the quacks who are that strict because they think that whores are those who wear shorts and hug the opposite sex and homosexuals are blemishes on this Earth and wrong.

I am not saying that all preachers are like this by any means but I think that they need to come up with a way that will help prevent such uproar because on a public campus we have a diverse group of people that it is just offensive to say such harmful words when we as a society already have a lot of issues with bullying and hiding from the world. I think that is what makes me so angry is that this man may think that he is preaching the truth but he is also bullying people to convert. An extremist that I hope gets banned from the campus.

-Fleeting Mermaid

What do you think?

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