You Didn’t Tell Me!!

So I am taking candidates to lunch and bringing them to my class. I am handling the money. At first I paid with cash and a $10 tip. Second time I paid with the department card.

Today I hear back from M-Prof that the restaurant charged me 30% tip. The restaurant don’t even ask me how much tip they wanted me to put. No one told me that it was supposed to be a 20% tip. I put 15% the first time and then they charged me 30% this time.

I feel bad that M-Prof got chewed out but I wasn’t even told how much tip and thank goodness I didn’t order appetizers or dessert because we aren’t even allowed to ( I got told that today).

So if you ever have to take a candidate out to lunch, make sure that you know how much tip and what NOT to order.

What do you think?

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