Hello Mr. Candidate #1

Today I met with a candidate who is coming to my department for a job since one of the faculty is leaving. My duties are to eat lunch with some of my fellow students with the candidate and then take him to my class since he would be teaching. You will see three of these posts since there is another one this week and next week.

My initial thoughts are that he was extremely nice. I liked that he was a family man and really just wanted to find a better job for him and his family. Unfortunately he missed the whole point of his teaching opportunity since he went on a philosophical train and even told us that he was trying not to get too philosophical and that he wanted to show us what he would have taught a whole semester in forty-five minutes. I could tell that he was losing the attention of my classmates because I operated the slideshow he prepared and could see their attention waning.

I would say that he talks a lot but I really think it is because he was nervous. I also think that he was trying too hard to impress the faculty and students present.

Do I think that he should be hired? I don’t know since I haven’t met the other two.

We shall see.

-Fleeting Mermaid

What do you think?

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