College Talk: Sleep or Work?

I have never had the issue of choosing which is more important. Sleep, right? I know what you mean. Unfortunately my grades are suffering from the fact that I choose sleep over work. I am overworked and when I had my show I have honestly put all the work that needed to be done for that class last to everything else. I don’t think that I have ever gotten the email from my campus about unsatisfactory grades but this is a D.

I have never been concerned about grades my whole life, especially in high school, I have worked hard. Don’t get me wrong, I can bust an answer out even if it is wrong and still end up getting it right because of reasoning. But this is different because it is a class in my major. I am not going to say that the professor I have is horrible but they don’t teach in a way that is easily accessible to everyone. He over-explains everything before showing us what he wants us to see. We can’t form out own opinions essentially because he has told us how to think. I don’t find the need to talk back to him when I have no opinion or when it has been scooped up and explained eloquently by someone else.

Anyway, that was a little too much backstory to what is happening but I wanted to express what I am putting against each other. Sleep or work?

I treasure sleep so much since being in the theatre world you don’t get much sleep when it comes to all the work that you have to do for a show including rehearsals (sometimes) and fittings and dress. So many factors go into how little time I have. When I am up doing homework so late and it is 2 in the morning I choose to sleep for those six hours because I don’t want to be unfuntional as a human being. I tend to fall asleep with less than eight and it is a problem but not one that can easily be fixed because I try to do all that I can to fix it.

I have chosen sleep over work but I fear that if I keep doing that I will end up falling out of college or failing and getting remarks from my superiors.

Life is a bit of a struggle right now…

-Fleeting Mermaid

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