Tipsy Turvy

Note: My time on the post dates for all of the posts prior to this are wrong because they were on UTC time and now they are correct on New York standard time.

Now, on to February 27! Apologies for it being so late!

On February 22 I saw my production, it opened on Wednesday prior so I was excited to see everyone. Once it finished my brother and sister and I decided to go and eat and with everyone they wanted to go out to Macado’s so we decided it would be a good idea and I wanted to get my first alcoholic drink.

What alcoholic drinks did I have?

Kiss on the Lips – Yummy and not awful but still okay. I definitely like this one better.

Killer Kool-Aid – Disgusting!! No offense but it honestly tastes like cherry cough syrup.

and 2 Georgia Peach shooters – Yummy!!!! Absolutely delicious compared to the other two and my favorite.

Now, I am by no means going to get wasted ever but if I have a ride that will not be drunk and I am in a safe place with friends I trust, I may have a drink or two. I do want to try wine…

What do you think?

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