Hard Work is Paying Off

The show that I recently designed has been getting great reviews on the acting, performance, set, design, lighting, everything! It is crazy the feedback we are getting from people in the department and elsewhere. So many people have commented on it and we have had sold out shows so far!! For some reason the play I worked on has gotten a lot of talk and has been turning out to be a great accomplishment.

The undergraduate chair of the theatre department calls me “Ms. X” (“X” is just the cover up for my last name) and I turn to look at her and she congratulates me. I am glad that I have gotten the opportunity to work as a student designer and to be praised by the person who is probably the first faculty member I met…it was crazy awesome.

Good ju-ju to all of you and know that you can do it! I mean, look at how much I flipped out and now here I am.

-Fleeting Mermaid

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