How I Got Through My Last Dress Rehearsal.

Okay, so I am going to leave my last post before I get back on track with my schedule as a good one and one that I am so happy and proud of. I am a strange person too but M-Prof has really helped me ground myself while I have been hectic and hysterical.

Tuesday night rolls around, the last dress rehearsal, and I am just running around before but decided to help M-Prof with his show that is opening in April. He asks me what I am doing for dinner and I told him honestly that it would just be a Chewy bar and a pudding cup. At first, we were going to go out to get something but I realized my call time was thirty minutes away and he just asks me for my order and goes and gets me dinner. I know that other people have bought me dinner but, to me, this is a grand gesture because he and I have had a mutual relationship of friendship I would say but it has never been that we bought each other food or anything. Trust me, I have been trying to buy him food for a year now and always failed.

Now, before you think that is weird, it is also because in theatre, you know everyone and get to know how each other works. For me, I had been frazzled all day and have worked so hard that for the past couple of days I have forgotten, or haven’t had a chance, to eat real food until dinner, if that.

Okay, back to the retelling. I got my magical Chipotle bowl and I am overjoyed because I LOVE CHIPOTLE. Anyway, I think that him being so kind to buy me a dinner was a great and helpful thing. Also, he sat with me through my dress rehearsal which was kind of him and he really has let me control the show because most other mentors would hover over every detail but he really let me make my own decisions.

Also, I saw a quote that goes something along the lines of this “Every day may not be good but there is always something good in every day.”

-Fleeting Mermaid

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