Planning to Move

I have been living in the same room for the past two years now and it has been a pretty good two years…if you don’t count the water pipe leaking and me accidentally brushing my teeth with dirt water, finding a bug in my laundry bucket, or even the mass amounts of lady beetles. I know that this room that I have been living in has its quirks but it is also a great room because it has non-stop AC, a great view that let’s me see a smidgen of downtown, a relatively quiet hall, and a short walk to my major building.

Reason I am moving?

I want to live in a space that is really my own.

I am not saying that this room that I have is “not” my own but it is a space that is technically meant for two people. The dorm I live in is a single space with two of everything. I just don’t think that it is right for me anymore. I actually chose the space I am in now because my brother used to live in the building but now that he will be graduating in May…I don’t see why I should stay.

So the new place I am looking at is on campus and it is farther away from my major building but it has its own kitchen, bathroom, loveseat, everything basically for an apartment. The only thing I would be concerned about is getting that space and paying for it because it is almost $1000 more than what I am getting now. I know that it is a lot but for me to be able to feel at ease (my anxiety can get a little high) I need to have a space that is my own and works with the way that I live.

Hopefully everything works out. If not, I chose the dorm I am living in now as my second choice.

P.S. There is a lady beetle that is just trying to come in and is fighting against the blinds…I am going to kill it now.

What do you think?

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