Lady beetles, please be wary of them and make sure that you are able to kill them with efficiency that won’t cause you issues. Lady beetles look exactly like ladybugs but they are orange-yellow, they bite, release stress blood that will smell, and are annoyances beyond belief.

I enjoy killing bugs…sorry nature lovers, but I cannot stand bugs or spiders or cockroaches or anything that decides to come into my presence and doesn’t expect to die.

I am a freak when it comes to cleaning and making sure that I spray everything down to kill the germs. I have my lysol and when I see a lady beetle I spray the crap out of it until it falls and while it is struggling for life from the fumes I kill it and toss it. Well, recently I tried to kill it with my lysol. I kept my lysol near and what happens thirty minutes later? The lady beetle lands on the lysol and refuses to move!!! I look around for another source of killing spray but I see my hand sanitizer and I just keep pressing the bump, the bottle is drenched and a pool of sanitizer is on the table. Need proof? Look below.



Yeah, that dot is a lady beetle. I hate them with a passion and they can die. Anyway, it just kept struggling and I was surprised with the concentration of sanitizer it was in there was no way it would survive. I just watched it for a couple of seconds before crushing it and soaking up as much sanitizer so as I crushed the body it wouldn’t “regenerate” somehow.

Morbid? Maybe, but you bring a bug to me and I freak or kill.

-Fleeting Mermaid

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