How to…De-Stress at Night

I don’t know about you but I tend to stress a lot before going to bed. I constantly think about the next day or the next big thing that is due, etc. I always have to come up with ways to slow my heart down because I always feel that my heart constricts or tightens when I am stressing. Not good.

So, what do I do?

Read a book. You can never get too overworked when you are engulfed in a great book. I tend to read young adult and romance because I am a hopeless romantic. But, definitely choose something that floats your boat and spend about an hour or so reading, otherwise you may end up reading it up to when the sun rises and then where does your sleep go?

Watch television. I truly believe that television is made for our entertainment so that we can relax from a hard day or just laugh at something that we love. I have a show, multiple sometimes, for each day of the week basically. Television shows get me pumped up because I am so excited to see what I have missed.

Listen to a calming sound. I know that some of this may not work on people but when I get ready to sleep, I need this to help me de-stress from the day and day to come and future, in general.

Take a shower. I normally take my showers at night but I think that for some people this may become a relaxing treat so that they can just cool down.

What do you think?

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