“Hi” What Is Love? I Kind of Like You…

Above: Basically all my interactions, awkwardness included, with the male species…

Is that even such a thing? To “kind of” like someone?

I don’t know if you have liked someone but knew that it wouldn’t go anywhere. I know that some people would say “You don’t know until you try” but I think that I do…I always like a guy who I just don’t really have anything in common with. I also like the guys who are emotionally unavailable. You know, the guy that is “passing” through a break up. Now, don’t get me wrong, I totally understand but what I don’t understand is how I always end up liking that guy!

I also found out that Turtle (the boy currently in sight) is dating a friend of mine…we will get into that in another post…However, I am always smart enough to know when to back down because maybe I haven’t found that person or it is just the fact that I am so jam-packed with other things that I just don’t have time for that.

-Fleeting Mermaid

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