I don’t know if you ever get praised by your professors but when you do I think that all students get a sense of accomplishment in them. This week alone I got glowing reviews on my work…(this is not gloating, this is me telling you how hard work can pay off and really not understanding what I am doing that is seen as “overachieving”

A project for an emotional response to Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler was assigned along with another Ibsen play and I decided to paint. Now, for me, when it comes to presenting something that you react to it isn’t a sketch or a drawing, it is a piece of art. Now I could have just found an image but I have always had a standard. I always want to be able to be happy with the work that I turn in. My parents never pushed me, I pushed myself, to be a better me and create objects in my life that make me feel something. (I will post about the painting I made soon!) So, I am presenting and I get lovely reviews from my peers and professor, who happens to me M-Prof and they tell me my work is lovely and a great piece of art. I feel good.

I presented on a woman named Julie Taymor. If you have the chance, look her up, and if are wondering what she is most famous for it is Lion King, the broadway version. I thought that what we had to do would be a PowerPoint of images…no one else did a PowerPoint. I also focused on some of her works and explained what they were where no one else did. I thought I was going to do awful and it was going to be an awful presentation. However, after the presentation I was given praise. Everyone seemed to like the way that I presented the information and how it was done in a way that was smooth and flowed easily. Even the feedback on all the presentations I was being referred to constantly. A shocking revelation really.

All I do is try my best and apparently, from my peers, I am an overachiever…I don’t understand.

I don’t know what underachieving is unless that counts as not reading something for a class or what-have-you.

-Fleeting Mermaid

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