Let’s Review…StarStruck

Available on: Netflix

Alright, you might think I am a child for watching ABC Family but I do…seriously. I got to watch this back in 2010 and it was a great movie then as it is now. I have loved watching this movie and now that I have netflix, through my sister and her friend, I can watch this all the time. Christopher Wilde (Sterling Knight) is a pop star and with his quick run-in with Jessica Olsen (Danielle Campbell) he ends up taking her on adventures due to the paparazzi. Also, I love the tension between Christopher and Jessica because they are hilarious and have really good chemistry.

I really love this movie and not to say that it is “real” but it shows  you a reality of a star and how they deal with their every day life. I am sure it is harder on them than shown in the movie but I think that it helps you respect the celebrities that people build up and then tear then down when there is a slight hiccup in their career or they are seen in a “compromising” situation. Celebrities are people and shouldn’t have to lie or be a persona to be themselves, really.

Rating: 5/5

P.S. Alright, off of my soapbox because I am sure that as Vampire Academy comes closer that I will be obsessed and a blubbering mess towards watching them and what they do. Also, I think that this is a better ABC Family movie that they have produced.

What do you think?

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