#ThatGirl – Lights


Alright everyone, so you may or may not be in tune with social media so I will explain the hashtag phenomena. When you find something you like, for example: puppies, you could type in “#puppies” on Twitter or Instagram or anywhere in general and anything that anyone has posted that has “#puppies” will pop up.

Now, I thought this would be a fun little segment that I would do every 9th of the month. So you will have #CandyCrushProblems and 5 Facts About Me every month, something to make you giggle or just start a conversation I suppose. Hey, we may have common ground!

So, #ThatGirl…

I am #ThatGirl who has lights in her room all year round no matter if it is Christmas or not because they add a whimsical feeling to my room.

Tweet me @Life_by_Tiffany using the hashtag #ThatGirl

-Fleeting Mermaid

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