First Time You Have Spoken About This…

Alright, for all of you Fleeters who are in love with drama, here is your first bit in 2014.

Of course, who else would this be ab0ut other than M-Prof and F-Prof? So, I guess we can say that I have been walking on land mines around them because I have to say that last semester has been one of the hardest that it has ever been on me, personally. No, by no means am I saying that everything is about me but when two people unintentionally put you in the middle of their squabble you wonder what you should do.

My experience is that I really shouldn’t involve myself with what has been happening but it is hard when I am the go-to source to get all the information when it comes to them talking about each other to me. Now, I will say that F-Prof hasn’t opened up until recently but M-Prof surely has let me know what is on his mind, per usual, and I appreciate it. I actually have been able to look at F-Prof with objectivity since and make sure I am not drawn into that sense of security that can cut me down one day. I have had a hard time comprehending them still and how they are with each other because, I thought, maybe they are good now…


Definitely still not in any way, shape or form on talking terms. I know that they will be formal with each other but refuse to really talk to each other. Today F-Prof has let me know what has been going on and how M-Prof is just not understanding enough because there are other things that F-Prof needs to do and cannot dedicate her time to do what he needs because that just exceeds even her abilities. I do see the sides of both but what I don’t see is that they are still at odds but work together…

I think that they are both going to be on edge with the upcoming performance that will be occurring. I know that F-Prof finds it difficult to work with M-Prof because she thinks that it is hard to clear the air when he won’t talk to her but it isn’t fair that things are run the way they are run.

A difficult mess that would be great if it were resolved soon, huh?

Have you ever been stuck in between two people who you admire?

-Fleeting Mermaid

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