How to…Feel Better About Yourself

I was going to title this “How to…Feel Good” but that is such a broad word: Good. You can put any definition on it really. Dancing can make you feel “good”. Watching and laughing at Youtube videos can make you feel “good”. However, everyone is at a different stage when it comes to feeling good. Which is why I decided that this blog post would be about feeling better about yourself and then we can go on to feeling better about other things down the road.

I cannot tell you how many times I have felt so depressed and nearly dark when it comes to feeling better about myself. I am a girl who constantly fights with how I look and what clothing makes me look like and what kind of people I am surrounded by.Well, clear it all away because those don’t represent you. Yes, they represent the exterior of you but they don’t represent what is inside you. Now, I will say that you can easily influence all that was listed but you are you and it takes time to figure that out. Trust me, I am still working on it.

Here is the #1 thing that I can possibly share with someone and that everyone can relate to one way or another:

Do your best NOT to compare yourself to other people. To me, since I have known my major and my emphasis the day I walked into college, I have had to gauge my competition. Now, friendly competition is not a bad thing but when I started to degrade myself and told myself, “Do I really deserve this?” it really starts to eat away at a person. If you have read my blog in the past you know that there is a person who I compare myself constantly to. THAT IS GOING TO STOP. I just need to accept myself because I am not going to copy myself, change myself, or put on another persona to be like that person. Now, sometimes that feeling rushes up on me but I will not let it overcome the great things I have achieved so far.

What do you think?

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