Let’s Review…Dracula

Network: NBC

Available on: NBC, Hulu

Alright, I know, I am a sucker for vampire-anything. I would say that I was seduced by Dracula and it is not like the normal Dracula with a dominant man who just sucks the blood of damsels in distress, it actually has sustenance and a story line that people will relate to. Dracula follows Alexander Grayson/Vlad Tepesh (Johnathan Rhys Meyers) and can we take a moment to say he is just easy on the eyes? Alexander Grayson is a persona of Vlad Tepesh and he comes to America to tear apart the Order of the Draco in order to gain revenge for their brutal and unforgiving murder upon his wife. I won’t go into too much detail after this since I would hope that you will give this a chance.

Why is this different from all the other vampire shows and movies out there? Well, I can tell you that most other vampire shows and movies revolve around love but this show does not. Yes, love is involved but it is not the main focus. The main focus of the show is Alexander Grayson finding ways to gain his revenge and to take suspicion away from himself as a vampire to the Order of the Draco and a vampire huntress who is infatuated with him. Is there anything other than sex and blood lust? Where would the appeal of vampires be without it? But, yes there is and I will not spoil it but there is a scene where a man is tortured and the methods of surgical tools to inflict incisions and knuckles to beat the man, it was even hard for me to watch. I love blood and guts and all of that but for some reason I just couldn’t stomach watching that scene too closely. Action too? Yup. Give this show a shot because there is something in here for everyone and there are some action sequences done that are so beautiful when the slow motion is combined, it looks so good.

Overall there are strong male and female characters whom you relate to and with the time period and constraints of women, they really allow the women in the show to shine in their own way. Not to mention that this show pushes the limits and it is pretty awesome. Embeded below is two videos, one of Jessica De Gouw and the other of a behind-the-scenes.

-Fleeting Mermaid

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