College Talk: Take Advantage of Alumni

I just went to my bi-monthly(-ish) seminar and a group of about 10 alumni, if not more, joined us all to let us know what they have done to survive in the business of theatre. Now, if you don’t know, theatre is a hard life to live and they are all working so hard and well on what they love. I got inspired by the different views they all had, some of them cynical (but truthful) and others with success stories.

I won’t go into the highs and lows but if you ever get a chance to meet alumni, especially one who is in your field, you really need to work up the questions and get to know that person as a person and as a professional in the industry. Alumni have gone through what you have gone through and, for the most part, they just want you to succeed and give you guidance as some of them received or would have loved to have gotten.

So, I tell you, take advantage of your alumni because they have either started working in their field or have been working for a long time.

What do you think?

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