It Doesn’t Mean He Is Good For You

I was just looking through my news feed and you know who I saw? I saw a boy who was very touchy towards me in 8th grade. Now if you want a definition of that it was just that he would always wrap his arms around my waist or be affectionate towards me. I never let him kiss me and he actually ALMOST stole my first kiss but I turned so he only got my cheek. I think that it would be good to flesh out the “bad boy” that everyone talks about in books, television, real life.

I remember that my friends would tell on this boy when he got really close to me because they were genuinely worried and for some reason I resented their behavior. I realize now that it was because it is always so nice to be adored or given attention.

Another memory flooding is my 8th grade graduation and I remember telling my parents NOT to come to it because I was afraid this boy was going to do something. I honestly regret that so much because I wish my parents would have come and disregarded my fear of this boy. So to take that regret I know that I will always let my parents in on huge events in my life like graduation. Anyway, not the point, the point is that one of his best friends and one of my mutual friends was somewhat angry that I didn’t give him more than a hug because I guess everyone thought that we were together.

Middle school, for me was not the best time in my life, in fact, the darkest times in my life sprout from middle school and the traumatic experiences that almost led me to self harm.

Okay, still not the point.

What I am saying is that no “bad boy” should cloud your thought. Honestly, don’t “give it up” to some bad boy or even any guy on the first day or even with the constant flirtation that they do to make you feel better. You always have to put yourself first when it comes to boys because they can so easily cut you down. This “bad boy” from 8th grade made me commit to bad decisions that I regret. No, I didn’t do anything bad or drugs but I did make bad decisions like graduation and disregarding my friends help. I also lied when the assistant principal asked if he had done anything wrong, and technically he hadn’t other than hugging me around the waist and just being overtly affectionate, but he so easily could have.

So, ladies, and even gentlemen who can be affected by the “bad girl”, I give you this advice from a girl who lost her way and didn’t realize what she had done until it was too late.

1. Do not let anyone come between you or your friends and take their advice into consideration when more than one of them brings it up.

2. Don’t just fall in love with the bad boy/girl because of the way he just makes you swoon, you need to find information before you can really make a clear indication if their intentions are good.

3. Don’t let the bad boy/girl take advantage of your “innocence” or distract you from what you really want or need.

4. Protect your heart. You never know if they are just using you to make someone jealous or pushing you away to test boundaries if you will leave them. Just be prepared and tread with caution.

-Fleeting Mermaid

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