I Love…2013

So I think I will be doing one of these every year at the end of the year just to remember what I have learned and what I have loved.

1. Romantic Princess – A Korean drama that watched at the very beginning of the year and fell in love so hard for it. Seriously, adorable and enjoyable to watch.

2. Candy Crush – Still obsessed and still aiming to reach the very top before they add a new level! Currently I am at level 419!!

3. Instagram – I am loving to work on my art and posting it to show the world without writing long paragraphs or anything like that, just snap the photo and post. You will also find a recent trip to the beach on there! My Instagram: @FleetingMermaid

4. Vampire Knight – I watched this anime (Japanese cartoon) long ago when it first came out and recently watched it again, it was quite lovely!

5. Kamisama Kiss – This is another anime. I finished it in one day. I loved it and am currently reading the manga version.

6. M-Prof – I love working with M-Prof because our relationship has grown to a more mutual understanding and enjoyable one rather than me in a pool of angst…okay, I am still a pool of angst but he has made it much easier on me.

7. My best friend – She has gotten me through so much and has helped me comprehend the situations I was digging myself into because I didn’t know what to do.

8. My sister – My rock, she is seriously the best sister…well, when she isn’t engulfed in her phone…which is a lot of the time.

9. Inu x Boku – Another anime I just watched and it was more of a comedy than romance but all the same I enjoyed it.

10. My Fleeters – You are all so great and I am so thankful for every one of you! I just like to express my feelings and the fact that you follow me along the way is great.

Now let’s see what 2014 will bring us, ready?

-Fleeting Mermaid

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