Where Have I Been?

Hello Shopaholics, Tiffany here, and I have been out of the picture lately. So I wanted to take this time to let you all know what has been going on and all of that.

First off, I have been extremely busy assistant designing for a theatre production that opened in October. I also had a bunch of work to do that involved studying my butt off! I didn’t get as great of grades as I wanted but I passed with two A’s, one B and three C’s. *Note to all college students* Work towards school first, the rest can wait, including partying it up.

Shopping? Yes, I am definitely still shopping and buying items that I probably don’t need at the moment but I have stated this before and I will only be reviewing items or bringing them up after using them for months rather than a couple of days and then reviewing based on that short amount of time. So fret not! Also, there will be a post tomorrow on all the products that I have absolutely loved this year.

I have an instagram! @fleetingmermaid if you would like to follow me and my pictures of mermaids, nails, art, and occasional food.

Speaking of @fleetingmermaid, I also have a personal blog: http://fleetingmermaid.wordpress.com if you would like to read a more personal blog but be warned that there is a mass amount of inner turmoil but I am still working on it!

Tomorrow may be my last post tomorrow but I wanted to tell you all now that I appreciate you stopping by to read a review or finding something interesting that you enjoy!


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