Bad Parenting, The Finest You Will Ever Read

Now, by no means am I saying that my uncle and aunt are bad people, just bad parents. You are welcome to think what you like but with the way I was brought up and seeing the way that my cousins were brought up I have to say that they are bad parents.

December 25, 2013, Christmas Day, my grandparents wanted a picture with their two grand kids from my uncle and aunt. The picture was being taken and my cousin, male, age 4-5, pushed back on my grandmother back and she fell on her head. Two inches away from a wooden chair that is as old as a rock and what does my cousin say? He doesn’t say sorry, he just cries. He doesn’t see if my grandmother is okay, he just sits there and whines and cries like he was the one hurt. You know my cousin, male, really takes the cake because the reason he shoved my grandmother back was because he was that desperate to open presents and had alreayd opened two because he didn’t want to wait for Christmas Day. My grandmother was on the floor and in visible pain. I could see that my uncle was angry but not enough to physically reprimand his child. He just went off on mentally abusing his child by saying how bad he was and what a monster he can be to the family.

I don’t care.

He should have been reprimanded. If it had been me I would have been hit on the the head or slapped. My grandmother could have died from such an impact or been seriously injured otherwise.

You may think that it is child abuse but when you are teaching your children you need to teach them boundaries. I think that parents have become so lax in the way that they teach their children.

Why else are my uncle and aunt are so bad at parenting? They let their kids have sweets for dinner, not food, just sweets. What kind of nutrition are they getting? My cousin, male, decides to only eat sweets and nothing else for dinner. This cousin of mine is a rampant brat who needs to learn boundaries and be apologetic and grateful for everything that he has. My cousin, male, also whines constantly and will complain in the company of his host, my grandparents My cousin, make, also doesn’t realize that it is absolutely ruse to throw his toys down fourteen steps to smack into the wall and scratch it

You might be wondering why I didn’t say anything or anyone else but being Asian, my family has always taught me not to get into other peoples business. True. My uncle and aunt can’t control their children and it will bite them in the butt when they are all grown up.

Other horror stories:

-A friend of mine told me that a little girl who was buying Uggs wanted two pairs because one was black and the other brown and that if she got one it would clash with other outfits. Excuse me, but you do not need two pairs of overpriced shoes.

-A child who was buying jeans pretty much demanded her mother over and said I want these jeans, the mother without a blink of an eye spent $200 on jeans.

Physical punishment:

My thoughts on physical punishment are that if there is an issue then you should be able to handle your children at home and impose on their minds that they need to be polite and always thankful for what they get so in public they don’t make a scene and cause a ruckus. If my parents got mad at me they would yell at me, physical punishment was if I did something really bad and that was rare. However, being reprimanded physically rarely, I remember all those instances and that has always kept me on a straight path to know what behavior is appropriate.

What do you think?

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