I Have a Great Role Model

I would like to talk about one of the greatest and most influential people in my life since around 2007-2008? Taylor Swift. Now you are welcome to think what you like about her, no offense taken, but I would just like to mention a couple of points on why she is a good role model.

1. She doesn’t have to dress sexy to be sexy. So many celebrities dress like a bombshell but can be a bit too revealing and young girls who are just figuring out their body and trying to be the best version of themselves. I know that when I was growing up that Britney Spears was the person I aspired to be and I still aspire to have as much success in my life, if not more, like her. I aspire to be successful and that is what Britney Spears taught me. But, back to being sexy. I will say now that I definitely wanted to dress like Britney when I was a child but never really did so because I knew that my body wasn’t the “ideal” body image that most people want to see. So, I felt fat and under pressure because it doesn’t help when society doesn’t want you to look the way you do but the way that celebrities do. So, in all that, Taylor Swift is sexy but she is not flaunting her skin or anything like that to impress society which makes her a great role model that you don’t have to show skin to feel sexy.

2. She is kind. Taylor Swift has always inspired me, since I first saw her and I wanted to be just as kind as her. Not only has Taylor made numerous donations but she has also made it her mission to help children with her new donation to the Country Music Hall of Fame. If I am up-to-date on my information this foundation help music as well as gives children the opportunity to play instruments and I so badly wanted to  play a violin when I was younger but my family couldn’t afford it and my parents also didn’t think it was worth the money. So, yes, Taylor Swift is kind and awesome!

Those are just two of the reasons and I write this today because last night I watched the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, which was awesome. I had read the “bad press” about Taylor and that people didn’t think that she was sexy enough to be on the runway. Taylor is just the unconventional sexy that most people see because she is not showing skin.

Also, I don’t dress like Taylor or anything like that. I like to show some skin but not heavy amounts like a slit that heads all the way up my thigh or like to have deep cut cleavage showing. If you want to know my style it is a lot of lace with something that is underneath, like a tank top.

So Taylor inspires me to be beautiful and not to be afraid to write my feeling down and share them with the world because you, reading this now, makes me happy whether you have stumbled upon it or are an avid follower. I love you Fleeters!!

-Fleeting Mermaid

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